Estimated Cost

This is a breakdown of estimated cost for each certificate Baxley Aviation offers. What is listed is the minimum flight time as required by the FAA, you may need slightly more hours depending on how quickly you are able to grasp the material! Everyone learns at their own pace, and Baxley Aviation works with every student on an individual level to help them achieve their goals!

NOTE: The following is only an estimate, and assumes you are starting at zero hours. It also includes fees paid to outside parties (such as check rides, and materials (books, maps, etc)).


Your private pilot certificate will allow you to fly in VFR (visual flight rules) conditions, and enjoy the experience of flying! It is also a stepping stone to all other certificates and your future career!

Flight Time: min: 40 hours ($217 per hour) – $8,680 / average: 55 hrs – $11,937

Ground: 10 hours ($60 per hour) – $600

Materials: $200 (estimated)

Written Exam: $150 (estimated)

Check ride: $750 (estimated)

Total: Min: $10,380/ Average: $13,637

Instrument (Currently not offered)

Your instrument certificate is training for IFR (instrument flight rules). You will learn how to fly using only the instruments in your aircraft and learn how to detect and deal with any issues that may arise during an instrument flight.

Flight Time: 45 hours ($217 per hour) – $9,765

Ground: 10 hours ($60 per hour) – $600

Materials: $30 (estimated)

Check ride: $500 (estimated)

Total: $10,895

Commercial (currently not offered)

Your commercial certificate will finally allow you to be paid to fly! Baxley Aviation will teach you the rules and regulations regarding commercial flying and you will have the ability to build solo flight hours.

Flight Time (Dual): 20 hours ($217 per hour) – $4,340

Flight Time (Solo): 170 hours ($160 per hour) – $27,200

Ground: 10 hours ($60 per hour) – $600

Materials: $30

Check ride: $500

Total: $32,670

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